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The Arthritis Center was established in 1986 by Dr. Richard A. Matza, surgical director and Dr Brian Peck, medical director. Dr. Peck has since retired from the practice of Rheumatologic Medicine in 2022. I owe a great deal of gratitude to him for his contribution to the Arthritis Center and to furthering my knowledge of Arthritis. I have since taken over the Arthritis Center as its Medical/Surgical director. I personally have over four decades of experience as a Reconstructive Surgeon having performed over 15000 orthopaedic procedures with an emphasis in joint replacement and hand surgery. My areas of expertise are in the conservative and surgical treatment of all forms of arthritis. I employ all of the latest minimally invasive techniques utilizing the state of the art prostheses. I trained to do orthopaedic surgery in Washington, DC at Georgetown University, Boston, Massachusetts at Tufts New England Medical Center, the New England Baptist Hospital and eight others in Boston, and New York City at Roosevelt hospital with some of the finest doctors in the country. I have been Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery since 1979. My areas of expertise are in hand and upper extremity surgery including hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder and in lower extremity surgery including hip,knee, ankle, and foot reconstruction. I offer in office, telemedicine inpatient and out patient surgical procedures, as well as, clinical and diagnostic services. 

As of December 2022, the Arthritis Center is located at the newly renovated offices at 171 Grandview Avenue, Suite 101, Waterbury, Connecticut 06708 where both clinical  and X-ray services will be rendered.

171 Grandview Ave Suite 101, Waterbury, CT 06708     Phone: 203-755-0948     Fax: 203-575-1320